NYT Crossword Answers – Sunday 04/28/24

The full solution for the NY Times Crossword puzzle on Sunday April 28, 2024 is displayed below.


1. Cartoondom’s “Princess of Power” SHERA
6. Flat formation MESA
10. Jockish sort BRO
13. Short request at a salon? BOBCUT
19. What a conductor might wear to a concert TUXEDO
20. Ice cream parlor request ONESCOOP
22. Gazing angrily AGLARE
23. Split INTWO
24. One of a trio of famous tenors PAVAROTTI
25. “Breaking Bad” and “The Wire,” for example DRAMAS
26. Comparative that’s an inadvisable starting choice in Wordle RARER
27. Tableau SCENE
28. Rodgers and Hammerstein’s only musical written for TV CINDERELLA
30. Zenith’s opposite NADIR
32. Talk smack about TRASH
34. Mangy mutt CUR
35. Disney voice role for Idina Menzel ELSA
36. Some kicks NIKES
38. Exec in tech CIO
40. Pollen carrier BEE
42. Like many roofs SHINGLED
46. What Beethoven’s next symphony would have been TENTH
48. Some ABITOF
53. Needle holder CONIFER
54. Reference online LINKTO
55. Percussive shaker MARACA
56. ___ Colonies, communal society that went on to form an appliance company AMANA
57. 1988 #1 country hit for Randy Travis ITOLDYOUSO
60. Bumpkin YOKEL
61. Locale for one leg of the Triple Crown of Motorsport LEMANS
63. Grammy-winning Beyoncé hit of 2009 HALO
64. Staccato marking DOT
66. ___ Smith, drummer for Alice Cooper NEAL
67. With 76-Across, genre for Fall Out Boy EMO
68. Classical singers? SIRENS
70. Slopes attire resembling overalls SKIBIB
73. New wave’s Adam ___ ANT
74. First word when thanking Mr. Roboto DOMO
76. See 67-Across POP
77. Lennon who co-wrote the Oscar-winning short “War Is Over!” SEAN
78. Admits COPSTO
80. Settings for timers OVENS
82. Rapper who shares part of his name with the world’s tallest building WIZKHALIFA
86. Golf gimme TAPIN
87. Robert Matthew Van ___, real name of rap’s Vanilla Ice WINKLE
89. Sweetened cornmeal in Mexican cuisine PINOLE
90. Mounted on ASTRIDE
92. Amount after deductions NETPAY
93. Expels SPEWS
94. Hats worn by Napoleon BICORNES
95. Steely Dan hit that charted for 19 straight weeks PEG
97. Brief instant SEC
98. Kind of billiards with no pockets CAROM
99. Musical’s beginning ACTI
103. Buster BUB
105. Like bossa nova or salsa LATIN
107. Question asked in a “Les Misérables” song WHOAMI
111. Classic tune inspiring a joke about eels THATSAMORE
114. “Toodles” SEEYA
116. Marsalis family patriarch ELLIS
118. Mark who played Luke Skywalker HAMILL
119. Doctor’s note, perhaps REFERRAL
121. “Easy on Me” singer ADELE
122. Narrow soccer victory ONENIL
123. Musical slide GLISSANDO
124. Female fox VIXEN
125. Guitar cords? STRAPS
126. Ages upon ages EON
127. ExxonMobil brand, abroad ESSO
128. Necessity for beer or bread YEAST
ACROSS Clues from Sunday 04/28/24


1. Rouse STIR
2. Chinese province known for its spicy cuisine HUNAN
3. What guacamole often costs EXTRA
4. Get hitched again REWED
5. Groupies, e.g. ADORINGFANS
6. Beatles hairdos MOPS
7. Written in code? ENACTED
8. Cuts off SEVERS
9. Flexible position ASANA
10. “That’s such a bummer!” BOO
11. Campus mil. program ROTC
12. ___ chiasm, section at the lower front part of the brain OPTIC
13. Disorienting thing to wake up from BADDREAM
14. Fabled monster OGRE
15. Trumpet BLARE
16. Bumpy ride? CAMEL
17. Eurasian mountain range URALS
18. Pioneer in electricity TESLA
21. Gradually increase in volume CRESCENDO
29. Small lump NUB
31. Irritate RILE
33. Suspicious, informally HINKY
37. Actress Russell of “The Americans” KERI
39. Quattro x due OTTO
41. Marketplace originally called AuctionWeb EBAY
42. Cut back … or an alternative title for this puzzle? SCALEDOWN
43. Bit of living room footage HOMEMOVIE
44. “I’ll be with you shortly” INAMOMENT
45. Singing Simone NINA
46. Cash coffers TILLS
47. Whose performances were as astonishing as all get-out? HOUDINI
49. Hotel room freebie IRON
50. Go driving TAKEASPIN
51. Destroyer of a castle, perhaps OCEANTIDE
52. Autumn colors … or an alternative title for this puzzle? FALLTONES
54. Term in both finance and linguistics LOAN
58. Gladys Knight’s backup group THEPIPS
59. Weep SOB
62. Scotch sampling SIP
65. Twirling one’s hair, e.g. TIC
69. Part of a Battleship guess ROW
70. Some special ops personnel SEALS
71. Vegetable with a “dinosaur” variety KALE
72. Like musical mixes that overly emphasize bass notes BOTTOMHEAVY
75. Doing mess hall duties, for short ONKP
77. Featured performances SHOWCASES
79. One of a trio of famous Catherines PARR
81. Hit (with), as a fine SLAP
83. Closes, as a suitcase ZIPS
84. Prepare to pop the question KNEEL
85. Science exhibition FAIR
88. Audience, to an advertiser EYEBALLS
91. Barge type SCOW
94. Trees that can grow multiple acres wide BANYANS
96. Grocery checkout staple GUM
98. Some Olds of old CIERAS
99. Eldest of the Three Musketeers ATHOS
100. Gregorian song CHANT
101. More subdued TAMER
102. 1986 autobiography of the “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll” ITINA
104. Comic pianist known as “The Clown Prince of Denmark” BORGE
106. To the point TERSE
108. Throwback hit OLDIE
109. Speaker’s voice? ALEXA
110. Jazz trumpeter Davis MILES
112. Goof SLIP
113. Corporate move, for short RELO
115. Footwear retailer founded in Montreal ALDO
117. Email folder SENT
120. “The end” FIN
DOWN Clues from Sunday 04/21/24

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