NYT Crossword Answers – Tuesday 05/21/24

The full solution for the NY Times Crossword puzzle on Tuesday May 21, 2024 is displayed below.


1. Hit a serve past ACED
5. Ballet dancer’s bend PLIE
9. Lightens (up) EASES
14. Word after golden or slide RULE
15. Often-discarded part of a fruit RIND
16. Canonized person SAINT
17. Cheat sheets CRIBNOTES
19. Post-panel sesh QANDA
20. Male cat TOM
21. Big name in public opinion research PEW
23. It might be poked FUN
24. Cry of disgust that sounds like 24-Down UGH
27. Fruit also known as calabash BOTTLEGOURD
31. “Yeah, I suppose” GUESSSO
33. Soup kitchen utensils LADLES
34. Stare open-mouthed GAPE
35. Target, as a wide receiver PASSTO
38. Outbuilding for many a historic home CARRIAGEHOUSE
43. Millennial’s successor, informally GENZER
44. Tennis do-overs LETS
46. “That’s pretty nifty!” OHNEAT
49. Fashion house whose logo features Medusa VERSACE
52. Counterpart to a landline MOBILEPHONE
55. Appreciative text THX
56. Schedule abbr. ETA
57. Middle name for Alec Baldwin and Carly Jepsen RAE
58. Go the other way ZAG
60. Indian royals RAJAS
63. Make safer, in a way … or what the starts of 17-, 27-, 38- and 52-Across might be? BABYPROOF
68. Pageant topper TIARA
69. Often-discarded part of a fruit STEM
70. Inactive IDLE
71. One-___ bandit ARMED
72. Biblical pronoun THEE
73. Nonnegotiable thing NEED
ACROSS Clues from Tuesday 05/21/24


1. Airplane’s path on a flight map, often ARC
2. Junkyard dog CUR
3. Roth of “Inglourious Basterds” ELI
4. Red scare? DEBT
5. Sneak previews PROMOS
6. Happening, in modern parlance LIT
7. Bumbling INEPT
8. Old car make named for Henry Ford’s son EDSEL
9. Abbr. on a lawyer’s business card ESQ
10. Highly rated, as a bond AAA
11. Iniquitous SINFUL
12. Stick it out ENDURE
13. Array at a farmer’s market STANDS
18. Noggins NOBS
22. Language in which “w” can be a vowel WELSH
24. Australian boot brand UGG
25. Green dip, familiarly GUAC
26. Purifying filter acronym HEPA
28. November birthstone TOPAZ
29. One purring in Peru GATO
30. Nonalcoholic beer brand ODOULS
32. Composer Rachmaninoff SERGEI
36. Ripen AGE
37. Kind of motor used in robotics SERVO
39. Down-to-earth REAL
40. Lead-in to mingle or mezzo INTER
41. Ticket assignment SEAT
42. Cut quite a figure? ETCH
45. Something a prenatal ultrasound can determine SEX
46. Mafia code of silence OMERTA
47. Windbag’s output HOTAIR
48. Classic video game with the catchphrase “He’s on fire!” NBAJAM
50. Biological catalyst ENZYME
51. Collect what’s been sown REAP
53. “Blue Ribbon” brewer PABST
54. Toffee bar brand since 1928 HEATH
59. Beam GRIN
61. “What ___ the odds?” ARE
62. Down in the dumps SAD
64. Wax producer BEE
65. Shelley’s “To a Skylark,” for one ODE
66. World Cup chant OLE
67. Put quarters in, as a meter FED
DOWN Clues from Sunday 04/21/24

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