NYT Crossword Answers – Sunday 04/21/24

The full solution for the NY Times Crossword puzzle on Sunday April 21, 2024 is displayed below.


1. Staff symbol CCLEF
6. Items on the backs of some Jeeps GASCANS
13. Test pilot’s attire GSUIT
18. Bedridden LAIDUP
20. Creditor, in legalese OBLIGEE
21. Champion boxer Errol ___ Jr. SPENCE
22. Once or twice ADVERB
23. Like Mary Shelley when she wrote “Frankenstein” TEENAGE
24. Marketing expenditure PAIDAD
25. Bearing MIEN
26. Natural source of rubber TREESAP
27. County that’s home to the White Cliffs of Dover KENT
28. Unimpressed BLASE
29. Sheet under a tent TARP
30. Sharp pain STAB
31. Major vessel AORTA
32. Chinese ___ (bonsai choice) ELM
34. Rhyme for “away” in “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” GAY
35. Agent Deirdre Beaubeirdre’s org. in
“Everything Everywhere All at Once”
37. No. on a résumé TEL
38. Ewes’ guys RAMS
40. “Invisible hand” subj. ECON
42. Quattro e quattro OTTO
44. President during the Mexican-American War POLK
45. Ice cream shop employee, e.g. SCOOPER
47. Shakespearean misanthrope TIMON
51. Small Southwestern birds of prey ELFOWLS
53. “The Harlequin’s Carnival” painter MIRO
54. Nickname for a British relative NAN
55. Brouhahas ADOS
56. Buds CHUMS
59. Ben who starred in Broadway’s “Dear Evan Hansen” PLATT
61. Role for Michelle Williams in “The Fabelmans” MITZI
65. Wordle player’s pride STREAK
66. “Who, me?” MOI
67. Partner ship? ARK
68. Belief NOTION
69. “___ magic!” ITS
71. Title pig of kids’ TV PEPPA
74. Schmear topper LOX
75. Annoying bot SPAMMER
79. They have the Guinness distinction of Longest Running Fan Club for a Group QUEEN
80. Work like the devil? POSSESS
84. “Who, me?” response YESYOU
86. Pixy Stix containers STRAWS
88. Carpentry vise CCLAMP
91. ___ service LIP
92. Percival of legend, for one SIR
93. Mystical Buddhist text TANTRA
97. Minecraft material ORE
98. Cooper’s tool ADZ
100. Folder flap TAB
102. End of a sports movie, often WIN
103. Advance LOAN
104. Block (up) DAM
105. Some four-year degs. BAS
107. Letters that sound out a sentence IOU
108. First-rate TOPS
109. Playful hit BOP
111. Speculative fiction subgenre that envisions a sustainable energy future SOLARPUNK
115. Limited number FEW
116. Bitter-tasting salad ingredient ENDIVE
119. Fun facts NUGGETS
120. Sophisticated URBANE
122. Farm machine REAPER
123. French form of “Stephen” ETIENNE
124. Area 51 sighting SAUCER
125. “C’mon, you’ll love it!” TRYONE
126. “And ___ …” YET
127. Celebration in late January or early February TET
128. Tweaks ALTERS
ACROSS Clues from Sunday 04/21/24


1. Ascends with one’s hands and feet CLAMBERS
2. Escalade, e.g. CADILLAC
3. Blanks’ opposite LIVEAMMO
4. Shangri-las EDENS
5. Hair of the dog FUR
6. “See ya later” GOTTAGO
7. Not normal ABERRANT
8. Like beach towns in the winter SLEEPY
9. Cannes subject CINE
10. Tennis great known as “The Punisher” AGASSI
11. Former name of the electron NEGATRON
12. Ignore, as a shortcoming SEEPAST
13. Application fig. GPA
14. Casio rival SEIKO
15. Shore hazard UNDERTOW
16. “That much is obvious” ICANTELL
17. Speeches with an 18-minute limit TEDTALKS
19. Channel with on-air fund-raising PBS
21. Mole, e.g. SPY
33. Taunt JEER
36. Shout at an auction SOLD
39. 1916 battle site, with “the” SOMME
41. Boast CROW
43. Blue-green TEAL
44. Hypothesize POSIT
46. City on the Arno PISA
48. Taking the place (of) INLIEU
49. “Here’s looking at you, kid”? MAA
50. Like old audiobooks ONTAPE
52. Why some app users check their notifications constantly, for short FOMO
56. Several CBS dramas CSIS
57. Link letters HTTP
58. ___ Major URSA
59. Classroom surprise POPQUIZ
60. Passage of a planet across a star, e.g. TRANSIT
62. Noted export of Portugal TILE
63. Common field trip destinations ZOOS
64. “Need You Tonight” band, 1987 INXS
70. Blubber CRY
72. Stew tidbit PEA
73. E.M.T.’s technique CPR
76. One-named singer on 1998’s “Ghetto Supastar” MYA
77. Distracted Boyfriend, e.g. MEME
78. One of Eleven’s powers on “Stranger Things” ESP
81. ___ milk OAT
82. Gift on the seventh day of Christmas SWAN
83. Mr. Burns supposedly received the second one ever on “The Simpsons”: Abbr. SSN
85. What Tom and Daisy embody in “The Great Gatsby” OLDMONEY
87. Gift for an aspiring conductor TRAINSET
88. Last name in late-night COLBERT
89. Ol’ Blue Eyes, e.g. CROONER
90. Quadrennial occurrence LEAPDAY
94. District attorney-turned-Batman foe TWOFACE
95. Ethylene gas, to tomatoes RIPENER
96. Key components ANSWERS
98. Some batteries AAS
99. Ginormous LARGE
101. ___ choy BOK
105. Throw in the towel BAGIT
106. Didn’t save SPENT
110. Appliance that may self-clean OVEN
112. Renaissance instrument LUTE
113. ___ Reader UTNE
114. Kind of tradition ORAL
117. N.Y.S.E. debut IPO
118. Afore ERE
120. Letters on the Saturn V rocket USA
121. Protester’s word BUT
DOWN Clues from Sunday 04/21/24

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