NYT Crossword Answers – Monday 04/22/24

The full solution for the NY Times Crossword puzzle on Monday April 22, 2024 is displayed below.


1. *Nonrenewable energy source … and the start of an eight-step word ladder COAL
5. To any extent ATALL
10. Singer Lambert ADAM
14. British princess who was an Olympic equestrian ANNE
15. ___ Hart, “Chicago” role ROXIE
16. Kind of bean mentioned in “The Silence of the Lambs” FAVA
17. Leave no leaves, say RAKE
18. Sustainably produced electricity GREENPOWER
20. Baroque ___ (1600-1750) ERA
21. *Air-conditioned, say COOL
22. Sweetie pie HON
23. Traditional head garments for Sikh men TURBANS
25. Most clichéd TRITEST
29. Slowpoke in a shell SNAIL
30. *Sheep’s coat WOOL
31. Double-helix material DNA
32. ___ non grata (unwelcome sort) PERSONA
35. *Energy source whose production contributes to 36-Across WOOD
36. One symptom of climate change GLOBALWARMING
39. *Energy source whose production contributes to 36-Across FOOD
40. Big name in TV ratings NIELSEN
41. ___ Dhabi ABU
42. *Pleasant to recall, as a memory FOND
43. Puccini opera about an opera singer TOSCA
47. Spilling the tea, so to speak DISHING
49. Goes extinct DIESOUT
51. Ages and ages EON
52. *Discovery FIND
53. “I’m not loving it” MEH
54. Carbon-based energy source FOSSILFUEL
58. Diddly-squat NADA
59. Border on ABUT
60. Major blood vessel AORTA
61. Lena of “Chocolat” OLIN
62. Fabric tears RIPS
63. Barking orders, say BOSSY
64. *Renewable energy source … and the end of the word ladder WIND
ACROSS Clues from Monday 04/22/24


1. These manuscript marks: ^^^ CARETS
2. Out jogging ONARUN
3. Capital of Turkey ANKARA
4. “Abbott Elementary” actress Sheryl ___ Ralph LEE
5. Element whose name anagrams to GROAN ARGON
6. Pamplona bulls TOROS
7. Skater’s jump with one and a half turns AXEL
8. Work of fiction? LIE
9. Cariou who played Sweeney Todd LEN
10. In progress AFOOT
11. Suddenly became clear to DAWNEDON
12. Chicago’s Michigan ___: Abbr. AVE
13. Damage, as a surface MAR
19. Dr. on TV PHIL
21. “The Alienist” author Carr CALEB
24. Two-legged stand BIPOD
25. Having a key, in music TONAL
26. Laughs heartily ROARS
27. Make out, in Britspeak SNOG
28. Smidgen TAD
30. Knocked the socks off WOWED
33. Talked incessantly RANON
34. Support for a cast … or a word meaning “cast” SLING
35. Some excessive drinkers WINOS
36. Its name translates as “waterless place” in Mongolian GOBI
37. Botches badly LOUSESUP
38. Allocated, with “out” METED
39. With 49-Down, trendy eating plans FAD
42. Done, in Dijon FINI
44. Mogadishu resident SOMALI
45. Signaled to begin, as a conductor might CUEDIN
46. Close by ATHAND
48. “S.N.L.” V.I.P.s HOSTS
49. See 39-Down DIETS
50. Mosaic decoration INLAY
52. Controversial coats FURS
54. A long way away FAR
55. Kimono sash OBI
56. “Chocolate” breed, for short LAB
57. Rock’s ___ Fighters FOO
58. As we speak NOW
DOWN Clues from Sunday 04/21/24

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