NYT Crossword Answers – Friday 04/26/24

The full solution for the NY Times Crossword puzzle on Friday April 26, 2024 is displayed below.


1. Mexican condiment CREMA
6. A whole lot SCADS
11. Alternatives to booths, perhaps MAILINBALLOTS
14. Device for an on-line conversation? TINCANTELEPHONE
16. National Bullying Prevention mo. OCT
17. Finds a line of best fit, say TAILORS
18. Storage unit POD
19. Set down WRITE
21. Bunch of hair HANK
22. Eagerly excited AGOG
23. Something best avoided NONO
24. Informal greetings HEYS
25. Trail marking BLAZE
26. Some long-tailed turtles SNAPPERS
28. Second hand HELPER
29. Bird’s ancestor, for short DINO
30. Step in a pastry recipe FOLD
31. They hang around in kitchens APRONS
34. Talking nonsense FULLOFIT
38. Gauge earrings PLUGS
39. Mind TEND
40. Network connection NODE
41. Purges RIDS
42. ___ the Lucky, nickname of a noted explorer LEIF
43. Porto-Novo’s country BENIN
44. Close END
45. Big Apple fund-raiser with a kind of apple in its name METGALA
47. They’re OK DOS
48. Bare-bones outfit SKELETONCOSTUME
51. Many superheroes have them ORIGINSTORIES
52. Crosses SPANS
53. Signs of friction SPATS
ACROSS Clues from Friday 04/26/24


2. Singer Ocasek RIC
3. Uplift ELATE
4. Sports analyst Kimes MINA
5. Lisbeth Salander in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” for one ANTIHERO
6. Intellectual gatherings SALONS
7. One for the record books? CLERK
8. Range crossing eight countries ALPS
9. [Facepalm emoji] DOH
10. Temporary solution STOPGAP
11. One-millionth of a meter MICRON
12. Secures, as a rope BELAYS
13. Time-buying button SNOOZE
14. Dots on a map TOWNS
15. Gardening tool EDGER
20. Big enchiladas TOPDOGS
22. “Still working on that?” ALLDONE
24. Ones laying around in the country? HENS
25. Welcome sound for a bored student BELL
27. Some chess tactics PINS
28. Contend HOLD
30. Cool bits of trivia FUNFACTS
31. “___ vous” (polite French phrase) APRES
32. “The Price Is Right” game PLINKO
33. Cruise control features? RUDDERS
34. Plays at FEIGNS
35. Dipping dishes FONDUES
36. Contents of some dictionaries IDIOMS
37. Perfect, e.g. TENSE
39. Where Jackson Hole ski resort is found TETONS
42. Admit LETIN
43. Iraqi port city BASRA
45. Big-time MEGA
46. Keep informed, with “in” LOOP
49. Part of a bottle LIP
50. Bird that can be “fire-capped” or “yellow-browed” TIT
DOWN Clues from Sunday 04/21/24

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