NYT Crossword Answers – Monday 04/29/24

The full solution for the NY Times Crossword puzzle on Monday April 29, 2024 is displayed below.


1. Computer suffix with soft or hard WARE
5. “Dancing Queen” band ABBA
9. Boots from office OUSTS
14. Online alternative to a garage sale EBAY
15. Fly high SOAR
16. German sub in W.W. II fighting UBOAT
17. Marine creature that can weigh over 400,000 pounds BLUEWHALE
19. City that’s home to Arizona State University TEMPE
20. Picture taken with an outstretched arm, perhaps SELFIE
21. Product from Milk-Bone or Pup-Peroni DOGTREAT
23. Forearm bone ULNA
25. Meadow, in poetry LEA
26. Soft mineral powder TALC
28. Bar from joining a private club, e.g. BLACKBALL
34. Make a wager BET
35. Shrek, e.g. OGRE
37. ___ aware (paying close attention) KEENLY
38. Caboose’s location REAR
40. Pi is one, for the circumference of a circle to its diameter RATIO
42. It might be open and shut DOOR
43. Big online brokerage ETRADE
45. Teeny-tiny ITSY
47. Purchase for purple hair DYE
48. Chardonnay or pinot grigio, e.g. WHITEWINE
50. Had to pay back OWED
52. Parking area LOT
53. Closest island to the Big Island MAUI
55. What Nielsen ratings measure AUDIENCE
60. Point at an off-target spot MISAIM
64. Impact that one might “bear” BRUNT
65. Public uproar … or a phonetic hint to the two words in 17-, 28- and 48-Across? HUEANDCRY
67. Way in which a word is employed USAGE
68. Cupid’s Greek counterpart EROS
69. Fail to include OMIT
70. “Tall” stories TALES
71. Mamas’ boys SONS
72. Fit well together MESH
ACROSS Clues from Monday 04/29/24


1. Some Halloween decorations WEBS
2. Ready, willing and ___ ABLE
3. One of Cuba’s Castros RAUL
4. Quite a sight to behold EYEFUL
5. Pale as a ghost ASHEN
6. Snake that constricts BOA
7. Hairless BALD
8. Ring surrounding a nipple AREOLA
9. Scene that doesn’t make it into the movie OUTTAKE
10. Lyft competitor UBER
11. A few SOME
12. Spanish appetizer TAPA
13. “Ignore that change,” to a proofreader STET
18. Radio reply after “Roger” WILCO
22. Lizards with sticky toe pads GECKOS
24. Start of a magic spell ABRA
26. Canines, e.g. TEETH
27. Pioneering video game company ATARI
29. Admit LETIN
30. Unorthodox spot from which to take a meeting while working from home BED
31. One end of a battery ANODE
32. Architect Frank ___ Wright LLOYD
33. Bard’s instrument LYRE
34. Make, as coffee BREW
36. Slowly became appealing to GREWON
39. One who snitches RAT
41. Tabloid twosome ITEM
44. Backspaces over DELETES
46. Dealer’s “Wanna play?” YOUIN
49. Reasons to scratch one’s head, say ITCHES
51. “Conventional ___ says …” WISDOM
54. Accumulate AMASS
55. Be up against ABUT
56. Bear in constellation names URSA
57. Two-part DUAL
58. “Picnic” playwright William INGE
59. Multinational currency EURO
61. High point ACME
62. Colored part of the eye IRIS
63. “We only use 10% of our brain,” e.g. MYTH
66. Long stretch of time EON
DOWN Clues from Sunday 04/21/24

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