NYT Crossword Answers – Tuesday 04/30/24

The full solution for the NY Times Crossword puzzle on Tuesday April 30, 2024 is displayed below.


1. Ingredients in a green baby food purée PEAS
5. Nabisco wafer brand NILLA
10. Self-care? EGO
13. “Aye, aye” addressee CAPN
14. Ingredients in some black-and-white cheesecakes OREOS
15. Exam for college-bound jrs. PSAT
16. Crop named for its doughy texture when cooked BREADFRUIT
18. Starchy root vegetable TARO
19. More agile SPRIER
20. “Maybe yes, maybe no” NOTSURE
22. Why Pinocchio’s nose grows LYING
25. Like merlot or pinot noir RED
26. Everything from ___ Z ATO
29. San Diego suburb whose name means “the table” LAMESA
31. Since Jan. 1, on pay stubs YTD
34. British territory visible from Africa GIBRALTAR
37. Thin and transparent SHEER
39. Meaning of “anti-“ AGAINST
40. Contents of a pizzeria shaker OREGANO
42. Musical speeds TEMPI
43. Usual heir in patrilineal systems ELDESTSON
45. See 28-Down ERA
46. Auto setting STREET
48. Uno, due, ___ TRE
49. Org. that funds PBS NEA
50. Three-word Last Supper question ISITI
53. Metabolic state on a low-carb, high-fat diet KETOSIS
57. Slight colorings TINCTS
61. Former queen of Jordan NOOR
62. Space to maneuver, or a hint to five sets of circled letters in this puzzle WIGGLEROOM
65. One-named Irish singer with four Grammys ENYA
66. Redheaded orphan of Broadway ANNIE
67. Light brown shade ECRU
68. This + vertical line = dollar sign ESS
69. People, places and things NOUNS
70. ___ Blanc MONT
ACROSS Clues from Tuesday 04/30/24


1. Pollutants banned in the ’70s, in brief PCBS
2. Wyatt of the Old West EARP
3. One doing impersonations APER
4. Slimy creeper SNAIL
5. Without bells and whistles NOFRILLS
6. Nonstandard: Abbr. IRR
7. Romanian currency LEU
8. Tender cut of meat LOIN
9. Wealthiest couple on the Titanic ASTORS
10. Biblical twin of Jacob ESAU
11. Actress Teri GARR
12. Siouan tribe OTOE
15. Condition for some combat vets, for short PTSD
17. Susan of “L.A. Law” DEY
21. “Still ahead …” and “Coming up next …,” in broadcasting lingo TEASES
23. Talk idly NATTER
24. “Today” rival, in brief GMA
26. Playing marble material AGATE
27. National animal of India TIGER
28. With 45-Across, presidential period from 2009-17 OBAMA
30. Wears away ERODES
31. Ingredient in a sourdough starter YEAST
32. Kind of sax TENOR
33. Remote-controlled aircraft DRONE
35. Unwelcome sound when bending over RIP
36. Plants with licorice-flavored seeds ANISES
38. Fig. on a driver’s license HGT
41. Changes the name of RETITLES
44. Fragrant neckwear LEI
47. Island north of the Philippines TAIWAN
49. Writer Ephron NORA
51. Requirement for a “business formal” dress code, maybe TIE
52. When dreams occur, for short INREM
53. Where a pencil skirt typically ends KNEE
54. Ages and ages EONS
55. Many holiday gifts for dogs TOYS
56. Chinese: Prefix SINO
58. Pixar film set in Mexico COCO
59. Undecided TORN
60. Raunchy material SMUT
63. Savanna grazer GNU
64. Alcohol flavored with juniper GIN
DOWN Clues from Sunday 04/21/24

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