NYT Crossword Answers – Thursday 05/16/24

The full solution for the NY Times Crossword puzzle on Thursday May 16, 2024 is displayed below.


1. Seabird’s nesting spot, say ISLE
5. Musical lead-in to beat AFRO
9. Pounds, perhaps ACHES
14. Ostracize SHUN
15. Schreiber of “Asteroid City” LIEV
16. Word with secret or school TRADE
19. How high rollers want to live LARGE
20. “Shirt Front and Fork” sculptor, 1922 ARP
21. Life lines, for short? IVS
22. Like some peanuts and celebrities ROASTED
24. *Stone tool TOILETBRUSH
27. Scenarios to consider IFS
28. Tailored item that can have tails SUIT
29. Lessens EBBS
33. Bit of a bluff CRAG
36. *Scoop received in a call ICECREAM
38. Back AGO
40. Colorful variety of lettuce REDLEAF
42. They might be targeted ADS
43. *Shall SPARKLED
45. With every detail perfect TOAT
47. Vegetable that’s a letter off from an Ivy KALE
48. Notable Guinness ALEC
50. Aromatic welcome gift LEI
52. *It gets the ball rolling ROTARYJOINT
56. “Ah, yes …” ISEENOW
59. The Reds, on a scoreboard CIN
60. Give the name of DUB
62. Final points in scores? CODAS
63. When read forward and then backward, motto that suggests how to interpret this puzzle’s starred clues ALLFORONE
66. Say “I dunno,” say ELIDE
67. Where to find a very wet sponge REEF
68. Actor Wilson OWEN
69. Biblical verb with “thou” DOEST
70. Whirl or swirl EDDY
71. Part of M.I.T.: Abbr. INST
ACROSS Clues from Thursday 05/16/24


1. Rae of “American Fiction” ISSA
2. Repetitive clicking sound? SHORTI
3. Disappointing stocking stuffer LUMPOFCOAL
4. Dir. from Atlanta to Athens ENE
5. Tylenol alternative ALEVE
6. Some Guinness records FIRSTS
7. Title for Al Sharpton: Abbr. REV
8. How the fish in nigiri is served OVERRICE
9. The whole world in your hands? ATLAS
10. Uninvited party guest CRASHER
11. Stag HART
12. Competitive advantage EDGE
13. Unwelcome surprise in a glass of fresh-squeezed juice SEED
18. Zero NIL
23. Down more than OUTEAT
25. Neighbor of Leb. ISR
26. Carpenter or mason BUILDER
30. World-weary BEATENDOWN
31. Michael Jackson’s first concert tour after the Jackson 5 BAD
32. Texting format inits. SMS
34. Craft measured in cubits ARK
35. Italian dessert GELATO
37. Head of lettuce? CFO
38. “I have to ___ …” ASK
39. School fig. GPA
41. Where more than 60% of Fortune 500 companies are incorporated DELAWARE
44. Goes over again REREADS
46. Athlete with two Grammy-nominated spoken-word albums ALI
49. Participated in a spin class CYCLED
51. Apple Music predecessor ITUNES
53. It’s a start ONSET
54. Flash JIFFY
55. Collaborator on 1980’s “Double Fantasy” ONO
56. Coffee order specification ICED
57. Stag SOLO
58. Falco of “The Sopranos” EDIE
61. Having a kink, maybe BENT
64. Was ahead LED
65. Louis XIV, par exemple ROI
DOWN Clues from Sunday 04/21/24

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