NYT Crossword Answers – Wednesday 05/01/24

The full solution for the NY Times Crossword puzzle on Wednesday May 01, 2024 is displayed below.


1. Disney princess who sings “A Whole New World” JASMINE
8. Basic yoga position LOTUS
13. Baby 43-Across TADPOLES
14. Died down ABATED
16. Catering to the very wealthy UPMARKET
17. Wimbledon-winning Williams SERENA
18. Places to hole up LAIRS
19. La-di-da ARTY
21. Org. for which Anthony Fauci worked for 54 years NIH
22. Bond yield: Abbr. INT
23. Big stretch EON
26. Hollow center? ELS
27. Fa follower SOL
28. Sound made by a sneaker, say? PSST
30. Unfortunate wedding forecast RAINY
32. Soprano ___ Te Kanawa KIRI
33. Typed correspondence EMAIL
35. Taqueria topping SALSA
36. Shy sorts, with a hint to the answers on this puzzle’s perimeter WALLFLOWERS
39. Lab containers VIALS
41. Good thing to have in one’s eye? GLEAM
42. Their proprietors may be keepers INNS
43. Hoppers between lily pads FROGS
45. Surrounded by AMID
49. Bit in a bar OAT
50. Spanish title: Abbr. SRA
51. Legal representative: Abbr. ATT
53. Actress de Armas ANA
54. Falcon and Stone in the G.I. Joe franchise: Abbr. LTS
55. Pointers TIPS
57. Classic children’s novel set in the Swiss Alps HEIDI
59. Washed away ERODED
61. Citizens of Dubai, e.g. EMIRATIS
64. Fantasy author Pierce TAMORA
65. On the books? LITERARY
66. One of Indiana’s state symbols PEONY
67. Scented ingredient in some hand creams and shampoos FREESIA
ACROSS Clues from Wednesday 05/01/24


1. Covers with a glossy black varnish JAPANS
2. Cops to ADMITS
3. Play-fight SPAR
4. Inventor who might be described as dotty or dashing? MORSE
5. Kind ILK
6. Once called NEE
7. “It is,” in Ibiza ESTA
8. In conclusion LASTLY
9. Falls in line OBEYS
10. Roofing material TAR
11. Contents of a kitchen drawer UTENSILS
12. Some prank pullers SENIORS
13. Subject of an annual festival in the Netherlands TULIP
15. “The Black ___” (1987 crime fiction best seller) DAHLIA
20. Kylo ___, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” villain REN
24. Said aloud ORAL
25. Green party? NAIF
29. Dabbling ducks TEALS
31. Volunteer’s words ILLGO
32. “Actions have consequences” principle KARMA
34. Sports org. for the Colorado Rapids MLS
35. Mediterranean or Baltic SEA
36. “Care for a taste?” WANTSOME
37. “___ Dies Dreaming” (2022 best-selling novel) OLGA
38. One direction WEST
39. Rainbow’s end VIOLET
40. Ensnared INATRAP
43. Word with “casual” or “Freaky” FRIDAY
44. Beatmaker’s genre RAP
46. Tiki bar drink MAITAI
47. Former Indian prime minister Gandhi INDIRA
48. East Egg resident in “The Great Gatsby” DAISY
50. Hard-nosed STERN
52. Rule of ___ (comedic principle) THREE
56. Word with care or aware SELF
58. Corn units EARS
60. “Well, whoop-de-___” DOO
62. Onetime Russian space station MIR
63. Meteor tail? ITE
DOWN Clues from Sunday 04/21/24

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