NYT Crossword Answers – Thursday 05/02/24

The full solution for the NY Times Crossword puzzle on Thursday May 02, 2024 is displayed below.


1. Zin alternative CAB
4. In which 🤟 means “I love you,” for short ASL
7. Pinnacles ACMES
12. The “toe” of Italy’s “boot” CALABRIA
14. Animal that shares its name with a Spanish 101 word LLAMA
15. Regal figure on a tarot card EMPRESS
16. Bit of urban art MURAL
17. What has a big part in “The Ten Commandments”? REDSEA
18. Self-titled debut album released four years before “Jagged Little Pill” ALANIS
20. Dot in la mer ILE
21. Protected from the wind ALEE
22. ___ monster GILA
23. Made it to the big leagues GONEPRO
27. Early Netflix offering DVD
29. Metroid console, for short NES
30. Grunts PEONS
32. Less welcoming ICIER
34. Manages with delicacy FINESSES
36. Skippable part of a streaming series RECAP
37. Mobile home? SHELL
38. T-shirt size: Abbr. MED
39. Language in which “sabaidee” means “hello” LAO
41. Like roughly a quarter of the world’s population ISLAMIC
45. Lincoln and others ABES
47. “One” on a one UNUM
49. Father of, in Arabic ABU
50. Banishes EXILES
52. Opposed (to) AVERSE
55. Wirelessly operated toy vehicle, informally RCCAR
56. Divination aids … or a phonetic hint to the shaded squares in this puzzle TEALEAVES
58. Eyelike openings OCULI
59. Uses DoorDash, say ORDERSIN
60. Mullet resting places NAPES
61. Hush-hush org. NSA
62. Son of, in Hebrew BEN
ACROSS Clues from Thursday 05/02/24


1. One end of Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin Bridge CAMDEN
2. Range for many ibex ALPS
3. Romantic partner, casually BAE
4. Word sometimes texted as its middle letter ARE
5. Rope fiber SISAL
6. Zapped, in a way LASED
7. ___ mater ALMA
8. Held on (to) CLUNG
9. Aquatic MARINE
10. Online correspondent EMAILER
11. Chipotle choices SALSAS
12. Singer Green CEELO
13. Nursing ___ BRA
15. Fix RIG
19. Imposes, as a tax LEVIES
21. Tops AONE
24. Like one for the books EPIC
25. Ring PEAL
26. Presidential also-ran of 1988, 2008 and 2012 RONPAUL
28. Big battery DCELL
31. *Air escaping* SSS
33. Actress Fisher ISLA
34. Championship trophy for the P.G.A. Tour FEDEXCUP
35. Carpenter’s wedge SHIM
36. Hitchcock film that won Best Picture REBECCA
38. Stand-up comedian Marc MARON
40. Pickup capacity, perhaps ONETON
42. Martian who wears a green helmet and skirt MARVIN
43. Playwright Henrik IBSEN
44. Sticks on a table, maybe CUES
46. It might elicit a “cha-ching” SALE
48. Beta testers, e.g. USERS
51. Apt name for a florist or optometrist? IRIS
52. One might be pale ALE
53. Last but not least? VERB
54. Make smooth EASE
57. ___ LimĂłn, first Latina U.S. poet laureate ADA
DOWN Clues from Sunday 04/21/24

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